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  1. Everyday Play

    Everyday Play - Fun Games to Develop the Fine Motor Skills Your Child Needs for School

    This wonderful resource is packed with fun and easy activities to help your child improve fine motor skills like reach, grasp, carry, release, etc. Includes index and FAQ from parents. Activities are geared for 3 to 5 year olds. Paperback, 132 pages. Learn More

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  2. Body Doodlers

    Body Doodlers - Washable Face & Body Crayons

    For dress up, make believe, Halloween, and just for fun, these colorful crayons glide comfortably over your child's skin and then wash off like a dream. Safe and non-toxic. Set of six. Learn More
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  3. Wooden Elephant Shaker

    Wooden Elephant Shaker

    Give it a shake and hear this beautiful wood animal make a lovely, soft rhythm sound, much like a maraca. Made of rubber wood. 4" x 5" x 1". Learn More
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  4. Bubble Science

    Bubble Science

    Get ready for big-time bubble fun! Includes 16 different bubble activities, fun bubble facts, 2 oz. of bubble solution and two easy recipes to make your own bubble solution. 16-page instruction booklet. Learn More
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  5. Just Rocks

    Just Rocks - 64 piece set of Crayon Rocks™

    Ideal for a classroom or a family this set has four pieces of each of the sixteen colors. Made from Earth-friendly, renewable soybean wax tinted with natural mineral powders. Each piece is approximately 1¼" long. Learn More
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  6. Fiskars for Kids Classroom Pack

    Fiskars for Kids Classroom Pack - 12 pairs of scissors

    These top-quality scissors increase the accuracy of cutting. This style has handles that are comfortable for right- or left-handed use. Each pair has stainless steel blades, plastic handles, and rounded tips. 5¼” long. Learn More
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  7. Stainless Steel Spreader

    Stainless Steel Spreader

    With a swoosh of the wrist, this stainless steel spreader is ideal for applying butter, jam, or cream cheese onto toast or crackers. Dishwasher-safe. 4¼" long. ⅜" dia. handle. Learn More
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  8. What Do You Do With It?

    What Do You Do With It? - 52 ConversaCards

    A flashlight, crayons, an ice cream scoop... photos of everyday items invite children to recognize and name them. Set has 52 photo cards and 2 resource cards on coated cardstock with rounded corners. Learn More
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  9. What Happened?

    What Happened? - 52 ConversaCards

    Children will love talking about the situations on these cards. There are no right or wrong answers, just an invitation to talk, tell stories, and perhaps start a creative writing project. 52 photo cards and 2 resource cards. Learn More
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  10. Music Everywhere!

    Music Everywhere! - A Global Fund for Children Book

    Share the vibrancy, joy, and variety of music as it's played and enjoyed by children around the globe.It's a cross-cultural journey that showcases a common love of music and dance. Paperback, 32 pages. Learn More
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  11. Teak Tongs

    Teak Tongs

    Carved from a single piece of wood, these easy-to-grasp tongs are flexible and strong – a natural choice for all kinds of transferring or serving activities. 4¼" long. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  12. Bent Acrylic Photo Holder

    Bent Acrylic Photo Holder - Clear display stand

    Ideal for displaying card materials or postcards and perfect for use with the cards in our Snack Card Set (D120). This easy-to-clean, self-standing display is made of durable acrylic. 4" x 6". Learn More
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  13. Bent Acrylic Photo Holder Set

    Bent Acrylic Photo Holder Set - 4 pieces

    Ideal for use with the cards in our Snack Card Set (D120) or for displaying card materials or postcards. These easy-to-clean, self-standing displays are made of durable acrylic. 4 pieces; 4" x 6". Learn More
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  14. Circus Balancing Shapes

    Circus Balancing Shapes

    This slightly wobbly elephant will test your hand-eye coordination as you balance different shaped sticks on its back. Made of eco-friendly bamboo it includes 24 sticks (3½") and one elephant (3⅞"). Learn More
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  15. The Big Creativity Can

    The Big Creativity Can - From Faber-Castell

    No instructions—on purpose! This big can holds 100+ fun components for all kinds of crafts and projects. It’s up to your child to create, pretend, explore, and learn! Refillable storage container is 8" high x 6½" dia. Learn More
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  16. Outdoor Chalk Art Set

    Outdoor Chalk Art Set - From Faber-Castell

    Set your child’s creativity free with 12 vibrant-colored pieces of chalk. Top-quality set comes with a foam knee pad (11" x 6½"), two foam chalk grips (2"), a blending brush and tool, instructions, and ideas for inspiration. Learn More
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