I Wonder Why Question Express Set

10 Titles

Why does a kitten purr? Where are rivers born? Why do I breathe? In this boxed set of ten little books, the questions parents and teachers hear most are answered simply and clearly.

Children learn why, where, when, and how, though simple text and appealing illustrations. Covers all kinds of topics, including baby animals, weather, space, earth/geology and more. Each book has a glossary of related words. Books measure 5⅝" square. Hardcover, 24 pages each. Books come in a sturdy cardboard storage "bus" box. Ages 4 - 8.

Titles include: My Heart Beats (my body), Racecars Go Fast (transportation/machines), The Tide Comes In (ocean), The Earth Shakes (Earth/geology), Stars Shine (space), Dinosaurs Had Spikes (dinosaurs), Rainforests Grow So High (rainforests), Kings Lived in Castles (castles), It Rains (weather), and Kittens Purr (baby animals).
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SC593 I Wonder Why Question Express (10 Book Set)
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I Wonder Why Question Express Set

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