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  1. Living 3-Part Photo Cards

    Living 3-Part Photo Cards - Classification Cards from Maitri Learning

    Begin classification work with Living and Non-Living things, two broad categories whose differences are readily perceived. The Living set includes an overview of the characteristics of living things and 3-part photo cards for 12 living things. Learn More
  2. Plant / Animal Classification

    Plant / Animal Classification - From In-Print For Children

    As the classification activities continue, the child will begin to consider the characteristics that differentiate groups of living things. This set of 14 labeled and illustrated cards represents two broad groups of living things: plants and animals. Learn More
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  3. Vertebrate / Invertebrate Classification Cards

    Vertebrate / Invertebrate Classification Cards - From In-Print For Children

    Proceeding through the animal kingdom, these cards focus the child ’s attention on differentiating animals with or without internal skeletons. Set includes 14 pictured cards (3" x 4") and 2 title cards. Laminated cardstock. Learn More
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  4. Living & Nonliving Book Set

    Living & Nonliving Book Set - 3 titles

    A perfect complement to Montessori classification work, each book in the set of three successfully isolates a single concept with clear, simple text and unambiguous photos. Paperback, 8 pages each. Learn More
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  5. Flowers

    Flowers - Photo Cards from In-Print For Children

    Designed to help children recognize and to name 20 common flowers, many of which are commercially available throughout the year. The duplicate set of picture cards can be used in simple matching exercises. Learn More
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  6. Robins

    Robins - Life Cycles book for early readers

    Explore the life cycle of a familiar spring visitor. Child-friendly facts and close-up photo documentation offer context and vocabulary for the child’s direct experience. Picture glossary, index. Paperback, 24 pages. Learn More
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  7. Bug Box

    Bug Box - Tiny magnifier for nature observation

    Children can remove the lid, place a specimen inside, replace lid, and view small rocks, seeds, coins, stamps, or bugs (briefly) through the top magnifier. Pocket-size (just 1½" square) for nature hikes. Learn More
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  8. Mystery Bag & Blindfold Set

    Mystery Bag & Blindfold Set

    Set includes one Mystery Bag (Y24) and matching Blindfold (Y32). Drawstring bag is fully lined with soft flannel; 10" x 11½". Blindfold has peek-proof eyelet ruffles around the bottom, a lightweight flannel lining, and a 14" elastic band for a snug fit; 6" x 3½". Learn More
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  9. Fast Food Tray

    Fast Food Tray

    This sturdy, restaurant-quality plastic tray is just the right size for food preparation, science experiments, or Metal Inset work. 13½" x 10½" overall; ½" deep. Learn More
  10. Economy Tray

    Economy Tray

    Shelf-friendly proportions and affordability make this plastic tray ideal for the classroom. Slightly tapered, extended handles encourage children to grasp at the center, where the handle is widest. 13½" x 7¼" overall; ¾" deep. Learn More
  11. Large Plastic Tray

    Large Plastic Tray

    With deep sides, this specially molded tray will hold spills and keep pitchers or vases where they belong. Perfect for so many Montessori activities. Trays stack nicely without slipping. 15¼" x 9" overall; 1" deep. Learn More
  12. Two-Part Tray

    Two-Part Tray - Hardwood tray

    For vocabulary and reading activities, this beautifully crafted wooden two-part tray is ideal to separate labels from picture cards. Hardwood, with a clear lacquer finish. 6¼" x 9" outside. Learn More
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  13. Three-Part Tray

    Three-Part Tray - Control on Right

    Designed for use with our Parts of the Animal Cards (RC20-RC28) and Parts of the Plant Cards (RC29, RC30), you ’ll find them useful for many of your other three-part card sets. Each section has plenty of room for fingers to remove cards. Learn More
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  14. Made By Me Train Kit

    Made By Me Train Kit - Award-winning first woodcraft model from Maple Landmark Inc.

    Pre-drilled, pre-sanded, and ready for success. A rewarding introduction to woodworking that may inspire many a future carpenter! Children use hammer and glue to make a 4" wooden train that really rolls. Learn More
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  15. Red Folding Cloths

    Red Folding Cloths - 4 piece set

    These cloths give children a chance to practice folding, gain confidence, and then apply folding skills to putting away towels and cloths. Cloths are stitched in a contrasting color along the folding lines. Learn More
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  16. Made By Me Truck Kit

    Made By Me Truck Kit - Award-winning first woodcraft model from Maple Landmark Inc.

    Pre-drilled, pre-sanded, and ready for success. A rewarding introduction to woodworking that may inspire many a future carpenter! Children use hammer and glue to make a 4" wooden truck that really rolls. Learn More
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