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  1. Parts of the Bird

    Parts of the Bird - Reading Classification Booklet from Montessori Services

    The small Parts of the Bird Definition Booklet provides the next step — defining the parts. Two-page spreads show the image with label at left and a simple definition of the part’s function at right. Learn More
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  2. Plant Cards Set

    Plant Cards Set

    An effective combination of resources for introducing botany vocabulary and classification. Before offering these coordinated plant materials, let children examine real flowers, trees, and leaves. Learn More
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  3. Butterflies 3-Part Photo Cards

    Butterflies 3-Part Photo Cards - Classification Cards from Maitri Learning

    An order (subcategory) of insect. The set includes an overview of butterfly characteristics and 3-part photo cards for 12 different butterflies. Working with these popular card packets helps children find order in their world. Learn More
  4. Classification of Invertebrates

    Classification of Invertebrates - From In-Print For Children

    After children know and understand the differences between invertebrates, they can sort 25 labeled animal photo cards under five classifications cards: Echinoderms, Mollusks, Arthropods - Insects, Arthropods - Arachnids, Arthropods - Crustaceans. Learn More
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  5. Nuts Cards

    Nuts Cards - From In-Print for Children

    Nuts are nourishing snacks and learning to identify the plant they grow on will make eating them all the more fun. This set of 22 two-color cards (5½" x 3½") of plant and nut illustrations represents eleven edible nuts/seeds. Learn More

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  6. Pumpkins

    Pumpkins - Life Cycles book for early readers

    Do your children know that without bees there would be no jack-o-lanterns? Child-friendly facts about pumpkins share the pages with vivid close-up photo documentation of the entire life cycle from seed to jack-o-lantern. Paperback, 24 pages. Learn More
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  7. Sunflowers

    Sunflowers - Life Cycles book for early readers

    After planting sunflower seeds, offer children a captivating glimpse of sunflowers to come. Early readers will be intrigued by close-up photos of tiny details and new life cycles vocabulary. Picture glossary and index. Learn More
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  8. Dandelions

    Dandelions - Life Cycles book for early readers

    Close-up photos of tiny details and a flower children already know make this a particularly captivating title for early readers. Simple text, life cycle vocabulary and diagram, picture glossary, and index. Learn More
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  9. Worms

    Worms - Life Cycles book for early readers

    Follow up observation of live worms with close-up glimpses of these familiar spring visitors and child-friendly facts about their life cycle. Captivating for early readers! Vocabulary, picture glossary, index. Learn More
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  10. Small Clear Plastic Tank

    Small Clear Plastic Tank

    Aquarium… terrarium… temporary habitat… float and sink activity… storage… You’ll find many classroom uses for this small, ventilated tank. Learn More
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  11. Medium Clear Plastic Tank

    Medium Clear Plastic Tank

    Between versatility and the great price, you’ll find many classroom uses for this ventilated tank. Aquarium… terrarium… temporary habitat… float and sink activity… storage…. Learn More
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  12. Prenatal Sequence

    Prenatal Sequence - From In-Print For Children

    Arrange ten labeled picture cards (3" x 4") showing prenatal development in monthly sequence. Learn More
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  13. Animals of Seven Continents Replicards

    Animals of Seven Continents Replicards - From In-Print for Children

    These seven continent outline map sheets show five of indigenous animals for each continent. Photocopy the cardstock replicards to make worksheets for children to color, label, and make into booklets. 5½" x 4¼" after cutting. Learn More

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  14. Is It Alive?

    Is It Alive?

    “Does it grow?… Does it eat and drink?… Does it move on its own?” Offer this great resource to children after they’ve been introduced to the differences between non-living and living things. Paperback, 20 pages. Learn More
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  15. Rain

    Rain - Weather Watchers book

    Riveting photos and simple language show and tell children what rain is and how it helps all who share our planet. Great introduction for early and emergent readers, with picture glossary and index. Learn More
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  16. Clouds

    Clouds - Weather Watchers book

    Riveting photos and simple language and will entice emergent and early readers alike! Consistently organized to cover similar facts about clouds (what they are, how they help us), with picture glossary and index. Learn More
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