Worm Vue Wonders

Ever wonder why worms are slimy or what they eat? How old do they get? How many hearts do they have? Children will be fascinated to get a look below the soil’s surface and observe worms in their own world.

Learn how worms move, eat, dig, recycle, and much more. The double-sided, self-contained viewing unit comes with an informational poster, guidebook, magnifier, and materials for conducting experiments. 14½" x 5" x 9¼" high.

When you’re ready to begin, return the enclosed coupon (with a nominal fee for postage and handling) to receive 200 worms, worm food, and soils. Transfer the worms to the garden whenever you’re ready. Cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S.

Awards from the National Science Teachers’ Association and the Children’s Book Council. Kit contents listed below.
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SC510 Worm Vue Wonders
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Worm Vue Wonders

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  • viewing unit
  • informational poster
  • guidebook
  • magnifier
  • materials for conducting experiments
  • coupon for worms, worm food, and soils