A Cooperative Herbal Adventure Game

Thoughtfully developed by herbalists, this cooperative game does more than teach botany: it also supports compassion and kindness.

Help each other pick fruit and get everyone back to Grandma’s house safe and sound. Watch out for treacherous creeks that slide your marker back. Resolve Sore Muscles or Hungry or Sprained Ankle Challenge Cards with herbal remedies. Players match herb card pictures to the remedy herbs shown on the Challenge Cards. Use a Compassion Card to help another player overcome their challenges.

An intriguing online extension teaches real-world wildcrafting skills: harvesting plants and processing them to make food and medicine.

  • Beautifully illustrated 20" square game board
  • 52 accurately drawn plant cards (with common and botanical names)
  • Everything else needed for play
  • 1 - 4 players
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    SC13 Wildcraft!
    Made in USA
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