Set of 5 Brooms & Mops

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A complete set of satisfying child-size tools to tidy up the classroom, indoors and out. These hard-to-find tools have sturdy handles and functional heads (many are replaceable). Screw handles into heads. Handle colors may vary (usually red or black). Most of these tools are appropriate for ages 3 - 8, however, the Sponge Mop (Q27) is not recommended for children under the age of 5.

Set includes:
  • Yarn Mop with Scrubber (Q21): 100% cotton head; screw-in handle; 29¼".
  • Sponge Mop with Wringer (Q27): Cellulose sponge; 9" wide head and screw-in handle; 31¾" overall.
  • Corn Broom (Q20): Broomcorn bristles; 7" wide head and wood handle; 38" overall.
  • Push Broom (Q32): Plastic bristles; 9" wide wood head and screw-in handle; 33½" overall.
  • Red & Black Angle Broom (Q49): Plastic bristles; 8" wide head and screw-in handle; 37" overall.

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    Set of 5 Brooms & Mops

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