Tasting Bottles & Tray

Here is an easy-to-present set-up for a fundamental Montessori exercise.

Cover the spectrum of the four basic tastes (bitter, salty, sour, and sweet) with diluted bitter chocolate, coffee, or almond extract; salt water; lemon juice or diluted vinegar; sugar or honey water.

The varnished hardwood tray (10" x 4" x 1") has four pairs of ½" deep insets to hold the 1-ounce bottles. Tray edges extend for easy carrying.

Color-code the matching pairs with adhesive dots for “control of error.” We use amber glass so the color of the liquid is not visible, and glass droppers because they clean easily. Ages 3½ to 6.

Set includes:
  • 8 Amber Glass Bottles (J80)
  • 8 Glass Droppers (4 with black tops (J72); 4 with white tops)
  • Wooden tray designed to hold the bottles
  • Adhesive dots for color-coding
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Tasting Bottles & Tray

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