Carved Wooden Animals from Kenya

Children of all ages will intuitively recognize the beauty of these miniature works of art. Wood workers in Wamunyu, Kenya, a town known throughout Africa for fine wood work, carve and paint these animals by hand.

The smooth wood is a pleasure for small hands to hold. Use for matching and naming games, or include in a polishing activity. The set includes two each of six recognizable African animals. Expect slight variations in this handmade item. Selections may vary from those shown. 12 pieces (2" to 3").

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C677 Carved Wooden Animals
Made in KENYA
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Carved Wooden Animals from Kenya

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Because they are hand-carved, some pieces may not stand up. If standing is important, such as for a diorama, an adult may sand feet flat. Please expect slight variations in carving and paint, as with any handmade item.