Shapes & Patterns

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  1. Qwirkle


    An exciting mix-and-match group game for mixed ages and abilities. Familiar “bingo”-like play exercises basic pattern, attribute, and color recognition skills. 6 shape and color variables. Learn More
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  2. Animal Upon Animal (Tier auf Tier)

    Animal Upon Animal (Tier auf Tier) - Wooden balancing toy from Haba

    Children can stack 29 whimsical, chunky wooden creatures for fun or explore any of several die-based variations of the basic game, exercising their prediction as well as balancing skills. Very well-made. Learn More
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  3. 50 Optical Illusions

    50 Optical Illusions - Usborne activity cards

    Challenge children’s assumptions about their perceptions! “What do you see? Two faces or a vase?  Something old, something new — 50 common and uncommon optical illusions sharpen children’s observation skills. Learn More
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  4. Memory Caps

    Memory Caps - Matching game from Guidecraft

    This versatile set is part concentration-style memory game and part open-ended matching (10 pairs). Sort by color or shape or use for counting games. All renewable rubberwood, with stained finish colored with eco-friendly dyes. 20 shapes and 20 cups. Learn More
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  5. Imaginets

    Imaginets - Starter set from Mindware

    In the car, at home, or anywhere, children will enjoy designing pictures and patterns with these wonderfully crafted pieces. Includes 42 shapes, case with handle and built-in dry-erase magnet board, and 25 two-sided design cards. Learn More
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  6. Locktagons

    Locktagons - Slotted plastic building shapes from Lauri

    Sturdy plastic pieces lock together so stable sculptures are easy to create. Includes activity guide and 192 slotted pieces in 6 colors and 3 shapes: octagon, square, and rectangle, and 8 wheels. Learn More
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  7. Rainbow Tangram

    Rainbow Tangram - Wooden puzzle

    What can you make with these seven simple pieces? Literally thousands of recognizable designs can be pieced together with these geometric shapes. Set includes seven wood pieces in a 5" square tray. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  8. Magneti’book Build-A-Vehicle

    Magneti’book Build-A-Vehicle - Magnetic puzzle

    Build a sailboat, prop plane, tractor and more! This kit includes 50 magnetic pieces that can be placed on the playboard to make an almost infinite variety of vehicles. Includes 18 laminated design cards. Learn More
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  9. Imaginets Expansion Pack

    Imaginets Expansion Pack - 37 booster pieces 20 pattern cards

    Add more pieces, patterns, colors, and fun to the mix or use on its own. Includes 37 magnet-backed wood pieces in new shapes and colors, and 20 new patterns to follow—10 of which can be created with just the pieces in this set, 10 of which use pieces from both sets. Learn More
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