Super Sunprint Kit

The original photo-sensitive paper

Sunprint® paper makes photographic-type prints using nothing more than sunshine (light) and water--a wonderful way for children to learn about shape.

First, collect items from the environment or nature and arrange them on the special sun-sensitive paper. Next, expose it to the sun for a few minutes, remove objects, then immerse the paper in water. As the paper dries, the print emerges. The finished print shows the shape of the objects in white, while the rest of the paper is blue.

Includes 15 sheets of large (12" x 8") photo-sensitive paper. Also includes an acrylic sheet and instructions. Ages 6 and up; younger with adult assistance.

Please note: A smaller Sunprint Kit (A82) is also available. It includes 12 sheets of (4" square) photo-sensitive paper.
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A83 Super Sunprint Kit
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Super Sunprint Kit

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