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Patchwork Design Tiles

Cardboard design tiles from Eeboo

Explore the world of color and pattern with this wonderful, open-ended, creative activity. The double-sided, thick cardboard tiles are printed with photographs of fabric. When you arrange them, they really look like a patchwork quilt, rich with color and texture.

It's an opportunity for children to explore creativity on their own, free from the spirit of competition that many games have. Includes interesting information about quilting and examples of 16 possible designs.

64 laminated, triangular pieces (2⅜” x 2⅜” x 3⅜”). Assembly tray: 10¾" square. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. Ages 5 and up.
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V305 Patchwork Design Tiles NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA
No Longer Available

Patchwork Design Tiles

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