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  1. What’s Inside Animals

    What’s Inside Animals

    Reveal the connection between 16 animals and their bones with this exciting tool for vertebrate comparisons. The sorting, matching, and classification possibilities are endless! Big (8" x 10") durable plastic cards. Learn More
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  2. Vertebrates Classification "Starter" Set

    Vertebrates Classification "Starter" Set - Classification Cards from Maitri Learning

    Once children grasp the core concepts of classification by characteristic, they are eager to apply their new skills to all the fascinating creatures in their world. Learn More
  3. About... Vertebrates Set

    About... Vertebrates Set - 5 titles

    A rich zoology resource that presents natural-history quality illustrations and information about unique characteristics, food, habitat, locomotion, self-defense, life cycle, and importance for each vertebrate class. 5 paperbacks. Learn More
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  4. Vertebrate Body Parts Book Set

    Vertebrate Body Parts Book Set - 5 titles

    This series introduces students to the array of body parts that exist among vertebrates—from beaks and noses to tails and fins—all illustrated with full-color photographs that bring these animals to life. Paperback, 24 pages each. Learn More
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  5. Animal Kingdom - Question and Answer Books

    Animal Kingdom - Question and Answer Books - 6 titles

    A perfect complement to Montessori classification work, each book poses the same questions and answers. Includes glossary and helpful labels that promote learning and understanding. Paperback, 24 pages each. Learn More
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