Bookmark Magnifier

A flat bookmark that magnifies

This ultra-thin 3X magnifier is a modern version of a Fresnel lens, the same kind of lens used in old lighthouses. Use to hold a place in a book or magnify small print.

Sure to intrigue young children, one side is perfectly flat. On the other side, miniscule grooves etched in concentric circles magnify just as well as the curved lens of a conventional magnifier. Plastic with a cloth ribbon. 2½" lens; 5". Ages 3 and up.

Available individually or in sets of 3 pieces.

More information about Fresnel lenses below.
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SC943 Bookmark Magnifier NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA

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No Longer Available
SC944 Set of 3 Bookmark Magnifiers NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA

Now: $6.50

Was: $7.95

No Longer Available

Bookmark Magnifier

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A Fresnel lens replaces the curved surface of a conventional lens with a series of concentric grooves. Originally developed by Augustin-Jean Fresnel in France, these lenses were first made of glass and used to amplify light in lighthouses. New technology and materials allow thin plastic sheets to be molded with concentric circles, creating a lightweight, inexpensive Fresnel lens.
The grooves act as individual refracting surfaces, like tiny prisms, bending parallel rays in a very close approximation to a common focal length. Industrial Fresnel lenses are still used in light-gathering applications and, of course, as magnifying glasses.