Physical Science

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  1. Gear Train Model

    Gear Train Model

    Three toothed wheels demonstrate the power of gears in motion, direction, and speed. Turn the knob on one wheel and all three move — and the middle one goes in the opposite direction (a great point of interest!). 15" x 6". Learn More
    No Longer Available
  2. Pulley Model

    Pulley Model

    Demonstrate how small wheels with a grooved rim, a rope, and a block can change the direction and point of application of a pulling force and increase the applied force for lifting. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  3. Solid, Liquid, Gas Sorting Jars

    Solid, Liquid, Gas Sorting Jars - Young Scientist Activity Set

    A great addition to your Forms of Matter curriculum, this key hands-on physics activity helps children recognize the characteristics of three forms of matter, then use their observations to identify forms of matter of everyday objects. Learn More
    In Stock
  4. Float & Sink Activity

    Float & Sink Activity - Exciting hands-on physical science kit

    Complete with items that sink, items that float, and items that might do either. This activity is so fascinating it will be in constant use. Everything needed for exciting hands-on science ready for your shelf. Learn More
    In Stock
  5. Wall Coaster

    Wall Coaster - Extreme Stunt Set

    Transform any bare wall or door into a roller coaster marble run! Use the re-usable, non-marking putty to adhere the 32 pieces to walls, doors, or windows. Children will observe basic laws of physics and gravity. Learn More
    In Stock

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