Liquid: Three Complete Activities for Exploring Water

Young Scientist Activity Set

This hands-on physics set combines all the prerequisites for learning fun—children, water, and a new way to apply familiar skills.

When Blowing Bubbles (with a straw), children observe that gentle and strong blowing makes bubbles of different sizes.

Children will exercise their pouring, transferring, and observation skills as they create a dynamic model of Surface Tension, drop by drop.

Cool Evaporation demonstrates the relationship between temperature and evaporation.

This set corresponds to three activities from Montessorian Meg Fedorowicz’s comprehensive guide to hands-on classroom physics, Nurturing the Young Scientist. It’s never been easier to give children foundational science experiences that they can draw upon throughout their lives! Ages 3 - 8.

Set contents listed below.
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SC884 Liquid - Three Complete Activities for Exploring Water
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Liquid: Three Complete Activities for Exploring Water

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Activity set includes:
  • Plastic Tank (SC935)
  • Pitcher (G25)
  • Creamer (G216)
  • Eye Dropper & Bottle (J72 & J82)
  • Small Glass
  • 100 straws
  • Sponge
  • Tray (T250)
  • Presentation ideas