Float & Sink Activity

Exciting hands-on physical science kit

Give children real items that sink (rock, penny, bolt) or float (cloth, shell, pumice). This activity is so engrossing that it will be in constant use in your classroom. The depth and clear sides of the plastic tank allow a good view of items as they sink (or float).

Children will love experimenting with items such as clay, which can be molded to sink or float. Be prepared for children to suggest their own items to experiment with! Ages 3 and up. Items may vary from those shown.

Set includes:
  • 8 objects that Float
  • 8 objects that Sink
  • 8 objects that sometimes Float and sometimes Sink
  • Float and Sink Labels
  • Clear Plastic Tank (SC935)
  • Plastic Serving Pitcher (G25)
  • Cotton Terry Cloth
  • Acrylic Display 2 (B714)
  • Vinyl Mat (X605)
  • Napkin Ring
  • Large Plastic Tray (T550)
  • Sponge
  • Presentation Suggestions
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    SC237 Float & Sink Activity
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    Float & Sink Activity

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