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Bubbles, Rainbows & Worms

Science Experiments for Preschool Children ~ Revised Edition

You’ll find hands-on activities involving plants, animals, earth science, the senses, and more, in this treasury of hard-to-find experiments for the youngest children.

The emphasis is on open-ended activities designed to inspire lots of follow-up research. Useful tips for assembling a classroom science area will resonate with Montessori teachers, as will the author’s plea to give children real specimens and tools to work with.

Well-organized; each section includes step-by-step experiments with simple explanations, vocabulary, and a related children’s book list.

Clean, easy-to-use layout with subject index. Topics: tips for teachers and classrooms; experiences with air; animals; the environment; plants, the senses; water; miscellaneous; teacher resource books. Paperback, 112 pages. Ages 3 and up.
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Bubbles, Rainbows & Worms

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