Habitat & Life Cycle

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  1. Worm Vue Wonders

    Worm Vue Wonders

    A great way to connect gardening, science, and the young child’s tendency to nurture living things. A complete observation activity with everything needed for worms (and children!) to thrive. Learn More
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  2. Root-Vue Farm

    Root-Vue Farm - Award-winning indoor gardening activity

    Children will be amazed at what goes on beneath the surface of the soil! Young gardeners (and scientists!) can watch roots develop through a clear side panel as seeds grow. 16" x 5½" x 9¼" high. Learn More
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  3. All 4 Animals by Habitat Card Sets

    All 4 Animals by Habitat Card Sets - Save when you order all 4 sets.

    Habitat is the common characteristic in each of these unique card sets. One side shows a stunning photograph of an animal in its habitat. Flip the card over to find basic information about the animal’s class, size, diet, body covering, and location. Learn More
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