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Mushroom Growing Kit

Organic white button mushroom kit

UPDATE: 3/2/2015

We were just informed that the manufacturer of the Mushroom Growing Kit is retiring, therefore, we have made this item Not Available. If you have an unredeemed kit coupon please send it in at your earliest convenience. The manufacturer will honor all coupons received before May 1, 2015.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Just add water and watch mushrooms spring up across the curriculum! As with the best Montessori-style activities, direct experience forms the foundation from which a whole series of interrelated learning events emerge.

This completely self-contained kit provides context for indoor gardening, life cycle lessons, sorting and sequencing (mushrooms progress through five visually distinct stages as they grow), food preparation, and—our favorite part—serving and eating!

A 6 to 7 week project from first watering to last harvest. Kits are shipped directly to you from the grower between October 1 and May 1. We send a Kit Coupon, which you return to the grower when you’re ready to begin.

Please note: This item cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S.
Item No. Product Name Price Qty
SC50 Mushroom Growing Kit Coupon NOT AVAILABLE
Made in USA
No Longer Available

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Mushroom Growing Kit

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