Regular Triangular EcoPencils

24 piece assortment from Faber-Castell

Young artists will enjoy the brilliant colors and smooth application of these quality pencils.

These pencils have many features including:
  • A rounded-triangular shape which encourages a proper grip (plus, pencils will not roll off desks!)
  • SV (secure all) bonded for break resistant cores that will not fall out
  • Similar in size to a standard pencil
  • Broad range of colors, including white and silver.

    Made of reforested wood. Acid-free and non-toxic. Ages 4 and up.

    Colors include: violet red, red, magenta, orange, yellow orange, peach (pinkish-beige), yellow, green yellow, lime, yellow green, gray green, green, mint green, light blue (sky), cerulean (cobalt blue), violet, red violet (purple), blue violet (plum), brown, burnt sienna, dark gray, silver, white, and black.

    Please note: These pencils do not fit in either of our pencil extenders.
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    A20 Triangular Colored EcoPencils - 24 pieces
    Made in BRAZIL
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    Regular Triangular EcoPencils

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