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Yard & Garden Tools

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  1. Compost Keeper

    Compost Keeper

    The youngest children can rescue peelings, eggshells and other table scraps to place in this appealing, practical compost crock. An older child can carry the crock outdoors and empty it into the bin. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
  2. Pot Maker

    Pot Maker - Make plantable seedling pots from newspaper

    A simple, step-by-step activity that demonstrates the regenerative powers of recycling. Children can make biodegradable seedling pots without glue and replant (pot and all) in the garden later. Wooden form; 3¼" base x 5¼" high. Learn More
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  3. Wooden Dibber (Dibble)

    Wooden Dibber (Dibble) - Planting tool for bulbs, seed, and seedlings

    This handy little garden tool makes holes in soft, loose soil for planting bulbs, seeds, or seedlings. Measurements are marked, letting the gardener see just how deep the hole is before planting. Wood; 10" long. Learn More
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  4. Small Plastic Dibber (Dibble)

    Small Plastic Dibber (Dibble) - A tool for planting seeds or bulbs

    A handy garden tool! Measurements are marked with raised numerals in inches and centimeters, letting the gardener see just how deep the hole is before planting. The plastic handle is very easy for children to grasp and use. 7¼" x 4½". Learn More
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  5. Elementary Bamboo Leaf Rake

    Elementary Bamboo Leaf Rake - Sturdy garden leaf rake for older children

    When autumn leaves need raking, children will appreciate a properly scaled tool. This sturdy adult-quality bamboo rake gets the job done and it will stand up to several seasons. 42" overall. Learn More
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  6. Emerald Mister

    Emerald Mister

    The mister on this bottle will be easy for small children to use for leaf washing and mushroom spritzing. The small diameter of the bottle enables a child to hold it tightly with one hand while depressing the mister with the other. Plastic. Learn More
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