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Pot Maker

Make plantable seedling pots from newspaper

It takes one tree to make approximately 754 newspapers--and just one narrow strip of newspaper to start a tree, flower, or vegetable.

Children can wrap newspaper strips around the wooden form and create biodegradable seedling pots without fuss, muss, or glue! A simple, step-by-step activity — children will extend folding skills as they makes an unlimited supply of biodegradable starter paper pots for your school garden.

Children can put the pot right in the ground when it’s time for planting. A fabulous way to demonstrate the regenerative powers of recycling!

Wooden form can also be used with gift wrap or paper to make snack cups for a special school celebration or a parent night. 3¼" base x 5¼" high. Ages 4 and up.

Use instructions below.
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SC642 Pot Maker
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Pot Maker

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  1. Tear or cut newspaper into 3½" x 10" strips.
  2. Wrap a strip around the wooden form.
  3. Fold the ends under and press the form into the base.
  4. Pull paper pot up and off.
  5. Fill with soil, plant seeds, and water; the outward pressure of the damp soil will hold the pot together.
Children’s paper-recycling ideas:
Use newspaper to make starter pots for seedlings.
Use gift wrap to make cups for dry snacks or party favors; a dab of glue or tape strip will be needed to hold it closed.
Use newspaper or magazine pages to make containers for small art supplies, such as beads or pom poms; a dab of glue or tape strip will be needed to hold it closed.