Handy Saw Set

Keyhole saw with two blades, fine-tooth and coarse-tooth

Ideal for beginner's, this keyhole saw comes with two blades: use small teeth for small wood and big teeth for big wood.

Start children sawing foam core (from framing or art supply stores) using the Fine-Toothed (metal-cutting) Blade; with 24 teeth/inch. Then give the children small sticks, dowels, and branches to cut. For control and safety, always use a Bench Vise (V525) to hold the wood so children can keep both hands on the saw handle, away from the blade.

Move on to sawing bigger pieces for practice and projects using the Coarse-Toothed (wood-cutting) Blade; 10 teeth/inch. Handle is 4"; blades are 6". Be sure to provide a brush and dustpan so children can sweep up the sawdust when they're finished!

Please note: The Fine-Toothed Blade is actually a metal-cutting blade; it is recommended by teachers and in our woodworking books for children's first experiences learning to saw wood because it will not jam. Ages 5 and up with adult supervision.

Order an additional Fine-Tooth Blade V510A or Coarse-Tooth Blade V510B here.
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V560 Handy Saw Set (2 blades & handle)
Made in CHINA
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Handy Saw Set

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