Window Washing Activity

4 cloths and accessories for window/mirror cleaning

Young children need no incentive to clean windows or mirrors — clean windows or mirrors are their own reward! Our ready-to-use set provides all the tools required, as well as the opportunity to master new skills.

Show children how to use the plastic 8 oz. trigger-style spray bottle (7" high) and where to direct the spray. Mastering the use of the clear acrylic squeegee’s rubber blade provides added challenge (6" x 6½"). Ages 4 and up.

Set includes:
  • Mini Utility Caddy (W93)
  • Spray Bottle (W90)
  • 4 Cloths
  • Clear Acrylic Squeegee (W302)
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    PL451 Window Washing Activity (Red, 4 Cloths)
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    Window Washing Activity

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