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  1. Small Stainless Steel Basin

    Small Stainless Steel Basin - From Libertyware

    This stainless steel basin is a classroom essential. Nearly indestructible, it’s shaped from a single piece of stainless steel with rolled edges. It won’t rust, chip or deteriorate over time. 8⅝" top x 2¾" deep. Learn More
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  2. Large Stainless Steel Basin

    Large Stainless Steel Basin - From Libertyware

    Perfect for washing a table, hand washing, storage, science activities – you name it. This basin has a shiny finish, side handles, and smooth, rolled edges. 11½" top x 5" deep. Learn More
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  3. Watering Bucket

    Watering Bucket - From Toysmith

    Not too big or small, and not too flimsy – this plastic bucket is “just right” for children who want to help tend the garden. 11" (with spout) x 4¾" base; 7" high. Assorted colors. Buckets sold individually. Learn More
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  4. One-Quart Small Stainless Steel Pail

    One-Quart Small Stainless Steel Pail

    This nearly indestructible pail may be the last pail you ever have to buy! Small and light enough for a child to carry independently. 3⅝" dia. base x 5" high. Learn More
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  5. Two-Quart Small Stainless Steel Pail

    Two-Quart Small Stainless Steel Pail

    This nearly indestructible pail may be the last pail you ever have to buy! Small and light enough for a child to carry independently. 4⅝" dia. base x 6" high. Learn More
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  6. Small Metal Pail

    Small Metal Pail - Classic all-purpose bucket

    This classic pail is sure to have a myriad of uses in your classroom or home. Metal handle with wooden grip. Holds 48 oz. 6¼" base x 5&Frac14;" high. Sold individually. Assorted colors. Ages 3 and up. Learn More
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  7. Small Bucket

    Small Bucket - 4-quart plastic bucket

    A sturdy, child-size plastic bucket. Functional and manageable in a table washing activity or for cleanup. 4 quarts; 8¾" base. x 6¼" high. Learn More
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  8. All-Purpose Bucket

    All-Purpose Bucket - 11-quart plastic bucket

    This Rubbermaid® bucket holds a lot and is still manageable for younger children; the plastic grip on the handle cushions hands when carrying. The side spout makes pouring easy. 11 quarts, 10" base x 10" high. Learn More
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  9. Rubbermaid Dishpan

    Rubbermaid Dishpan

    Carrying this small dishpan helps develop large muscle control. Curved edges for easy grasping. 11.4 quarts, 14½" x 12½" overall; 5½" high. Learn More
  10. Durable Plastic Tub

    Durable Plastic Tub

    The Durable Plastic Tub has extended handles for easy carrying and nearly straight sides that allow children easy access to water. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  11. Quick Wring™ Bucket

    Quick Wring™ Bucket

    This handy plastic bucket has many child-friendly features, including a sturdy handle, a generous pour-spout, and a removable wringer cone. Fill the bucket with a few inches of water and show children how to use the cone: place the Yarn Mop head into the wringer, twist, and squish! Holds 2.5 gallons. 10" x 14" x 10¾" high. Learn More
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  12. Yarn Mop & Bucket Set

    Yarn Mop & Bucket Set - Save when you order this set

    Set includes Yarn Mop and Quick Wring Bucket. The 100% cotton strands of the mop are extra thick for extra absorbency; 28" handle. The 2.5 gallon bucket has a removable wringer cone. Learn More
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