My Big Bead Box

Fon-Fon Bead Box Kit from Bead Bazaar

Basic threading skills and creativity are all children need to craft real necklaces and bracelets.

This delightful assortment of wooden beads and charms is particularly inviting, with each style nestled in its own little compartment and clearly visible through the sliding acrylic lid.

Set includes enough wooden beads, wooden charms, and cotton strings to make 12 necklaces or bracelets, all packed in the wooden storage box (11¾" x 7¾" x 1¼"). Bead assortment may vary. Ages 5 and up, younger with adult assistance.

Please note: The most recent version of this set contains pieces that are less gender-neutral than the set shown and includes a collection of beads that are predominately pink.
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V82 My Big Bead Box (Fon-Fon Bead Box Kit / Bead Bazaar)
Made in CHINA
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My Big Bead Box

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