Peanut Butter Mixer Combo Pack

Custom set from R.N. Witmer Company
Hand-crank mixer will fit all 16-oz. jars; 1 mixing rod and 2 lids

This custom set will meet all your (16-oz. jar) peanut butter mixing needs! Just like the individual mixers, this ingenious set will eliminate the mess associated with mixing natural peanut butters.

After an adult screws on the appropriate-sized special lid, young children can insert the mixing rod through the lid, turn the crank themselves (and watch the layers combine), then pull the rod out spotlessly clean.

A rubber gasket in the lid keeps everything inside the jar during mixing and cleans the rod. Now there's no reason not to enjoy healthier, all-natural nut butters. Set includes the standard mixing rod, a 3" lid, and a 2¾" lid (rod will fit both lids).

This mixer combo set fits the following brands:
  • Trader Joe's®
  • East Wind
  • Krema Natural
  • President's Choice®
  • Crazy Richard's
  • Whole Foods® 365
  • The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg®
  • Laura Lynn
  • Peanut Butter & Co.®
  • Wild Oats
  • Smucker's®
  • Laura Scudder's®
  • Adam's®
  • Holsum®
  • Tree of Life®
  • Nature's Promise
  • Trader Joe's® Almond Butter (in glass jar)
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D110 Set of Peanut Butter Mixer Lids & Stirrer (Regular and Trader Joe's)
Made in USA
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Peanut Butter Mixer Combo Pack

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