Grinding Activity

Complete classroom activity set

Try this versatile set in your Practical Life area and use the results in the kitchen, garden, or art corner. Children love the dramatic effects of grinding—they are always surprised with the strong scents released from petals, leaves, seeds, and spices.

Grind herbs for teas, nuts for cooking, and eggshells for composting or artwork (we’ve heard of some great dyed eggshell mosaic and collage ideas!).

Our porcelain Mortar & Pestle has a wide bowl to contain the ground bits and a pestle knob that’s comfortable for small hands. Use the brush to clean crumbs from the Mortar & Pestle. Ages 4½ and up.

Set includes:
  • Mortar & Pestle (Y36) 4" dia.
  • Porcelain Leaf Dish (G85)
  • Porcelain Egg Cup (G219) 1¾" top x 2½" high
  • Dusting Brush (Q10)
  • Medium Creativtray (T452)
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    Grinding Activity

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