Loaves of Fun

A History of Bread with Activities and Recipes from Around the World

Egyptian flat bread, Roman bread pudding, Colonial corn bread--children will discover (and learn to make) breads of all kinds and find out a bit about the people who "invented" them.

This high-spirited book takes children on a cultural journey that begins in Asia (73,000 BC) and ends in a modern kitchen. Informal, appealing histories blended with over 30 easy recipes and bread-related science, plus kitchen tips. Paperback, 92 pages.
Ages 6 and up.

Chapters and recipes listed below.
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Loaves of Fun

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Kitchen and Cooking Tips; Drop Biscuits; Pita Bread; Old-Fashioned Sourdough Sponge; Modern Sourdough Starter; Sourdough Bread; Blow Up a Balloon with Yeast; Challah Braid; Roman Bread Pudding; Pretzels; Bread Bowls for Soup; Corn Bread; Butter; Amish Friendship Bread Starter; Amish Friendship Bread; Jonnycakes; Colonial Third Bread; Sally Lunn Bread; Welsh Rabbit; Hush Puppies; Cranberry Quick Bread; Poster Paints; Squeeze Paints; Play Dough; Grow Mold; White Bread; French Baguette Pans; French Bread; Croutons; French Toast; Rosco de Reyes (Mexican New Year’s Bread); Moravian Christmas Bread; Have an International Breakfast