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Pop-Up House of Inventions

Hundreds of Fabulous Facts About Your Home

Open a cupboard in the kitchen and discover that the Sumerians invented a flour sifter made of reeds. Lift the laptop lid in the bedroom and the screen displays: “The first e-mail message was sent in 1973.

Between the pop-up format and the trivia treasure hidden behind dozens of flaps, this book is irresistible! Packed with images of everyday items (and related facts) from rugs and pillows to MP3s and DVDs. Inventions timeline and five room settings (kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, garage).

Hardcover, 5 double pop-up pages. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. Ages 5 and up.
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EM310 Pop-Up House of Inventions NOT AVAILABLE
Made in Thailand
No Longer Available

Pop-Up House of Inventions

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