Planet Frog - Live Frog Habitat

Tadpole to frog metamorphosis from Uncle Milton

Witness a tiny tadpole change into a North American leopard frog! At the same time, learn how to care for a living thing that requires a level of care children can manage: feeding every other day and changing the water twice weekly.

When you’re ready to begin, enter your promo code (included with kit) online to receive a captive-bred, disease-free tadpole ready to mature into a frog (additional shipping and handling charges apply). Your tadpole can be delivered safely only when local temperatures range from 40°F to 80°F.

Designed by amphibian experts to comfortably house a native North American leopard frog, the plastic habitat with vented transparent lid is approximately 15" x 8" x 7½" high. Comes with instructions for general care and feeding, plus metamorphosis details, adult frog handling, frog facts, and an explanation of the frog’s role in the environment. Ages 6 and up; all ages enjoy observing the process.

Please note: Tadpoles cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S.A.

Need more tadpoles? You can order additional tadpoles from the manufacturer here
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Planet Frog - Live Frog Habitat

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