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Parts of the Caterpillar

From In-Print For Children

A caterpillar is the larval stage of a butterfly. Seven duplicate two-color illustration cards (4" x 3") show the parts of a caterpillar highlighted in green. One set of picture cards has been bound into a booklet and the other is to be cut apart. The child matches the labels to the picture cards, using the booklet to check for error. Older children can read and match the seven definition cards to the labeled picture cards (also using the booklet for control).

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Parts of the Caterpillar

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The replicard (8½" x 11") with blank line drawings of the caterpillar is photocopied to make quarter-page worksheets for the children to color and label. Completed worksheets can be stapled together to make a “Parts of a Caterpillar” external anatomy booklet.