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  1. Una guia para padres familia en el aula Montessori

    Una guia para padres familia en el aula Montessori - Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom - Spanish From Parent Child Press

    Help parents understand the goal of a Montessori education: cultivating children’s own natural desire to learn. With beautiful color photos, Wolf describes the Montessori materials and how they’re used with ages 3 to 6. Paperback, 60 pages. Learn More

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  2. El Proposito de la educacion Montessori

    El Proposito de la educacion Montessori - The Purpose of Montessori - Spanish

    The Spanish version of The Purpose of Montessori Education leaflets. This leaflet is an excerpt from Aline Wolf’s A Parents’ Guide to the Montessori Classroom. It is a cost effective tool for educating parents and potential parents on the philosophy and purpose of a Montessori education. Learn More
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  3. Montessori Insights

    Montessori Insights - For Parents of Young Children from The Parent Child Press

    A thoughtful explanation of Montessori principles in the context of contemporary home life. Aline Wolf explores topics of concern such as modern family structures, television, computers, day care, and more. Paperback, 51 pages. Learn More
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