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  1. A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom

    A Parents' Guide to the Montessori Classroom - From The Parent-Child Press

    Beautiful color photos illustrate a classic description of the Montessori materials for ages three to six and how they’re used in the classroom to cultivate each child’s own natural desire to learn. From The Parent-Child Press. Paperback, 61 pages. Learn More
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  2. Andy and His Daddy

    Andy and His Daddy

    A delightful story of a young father sharing his everyday activities with his two-year old son. Together they prepare breakfast, work on the car, mulch the garden, and use their workbenches. An afterward shows parents how these experiences help Andy to bond with Daddy, develop confidence and competence, lengthen his span of concentration and form a good self-image. Learn More
  3. Montessori Insights

    Montessori Insights - For Parents of Young Children from The Parent Child Press

    A thoughtful explanation of Montessori principles in the context of contemporary home life. Aline Wolf explores topics of concern such as modern family structures, television, computers, day care, and more. Paperback, 51 pages. Learn More
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  4. The World of the Child

    The World of the Child - By Aline Wolf from Parent Child Press

    This storybook for adults reminds grown-ups to examine everyday items and activities through the eyes of a child and gain a fresh understanding of the challenges children face on a daily basis. 56 pages. Learn More

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