One World, One Day

From National Geographic

Astonishingly beautiful photos and simple, descriptive text celebrate the lives of dozens of children around the world.

Porridge. Pancakes. Churros. Toast. Hot sweet tea with plenty of milk. Lots of things taste good for breakfast.

Interesting photo captions are at the end, along with a photo-origin map, labeled with page numbers and place names; great research possibilities for older children. Hardcover, 48 pages. Ages 3 - 8.

Countries represented: Argentina; Australia; Bahama Islands; Bangladesh; Bolivia; Brazil; Cambodia; Canada; China; Guinea-Bissau; India; Indonesia; Iraq; Israel; Italy; Ivory Coast; Kenya; Madagascar; Myanmar; Nepal; North Korea; Pakistan; Papua New Guinea; Russia; Saudi Arabia; Sierra Leone; Slovenia; Spain; USA.
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One World, One Day

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