My Big Science Book

Simple, fun experiments for all young scientists

The step-by-step photo format makes these experiments and activities easy for children to follow. The materials are commonplace and the results are fascinating!

Find out how air pressure makes things fly, use magnets to create a set of “kissing fish,” or make lightning indoors! Simple, accurate explanations satisfy children’s curiosity and whet their appetites for more.

Activity topics include: air pressure, aerodynamics, sound waves, light, optical illusions, states of matter (liquids, solids, gases), magnetism, radio waves, plant science, color, and thermodynamics.

Over 50 hands-on activities, with great advice for setting up a science area, materials lists, glossary, and index. Spiral binding allows book to lie flat. Hardcover, 80 pages. Ages 5 and up.
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My Big Science Book

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