Musical Instruments

Sonix Junior Audio Game

Have you ever heard a bagpipe? How about a tuba? Help your children learn to identify the sounds of 18 different instruments, all while playing fun music games.

The CD includes 18 short musical pieces, each played beautifully on a different instrument. As children become more familiar with the sounds, you can play the CD on “shuffle” for more of a challenge.

Includes CD and instructions and materials for four games, including lotto and concentration. 36 sturdy, cardboard tiles (3⅛" square). Ages 3 - 6.

Instruments represented: accordion, recorder, saxophone, bassoon, pipe organ, synthesizer, music box, electric guitar, trombone, clarinet, harp, tuba, bass, mandolin, violin, bagpipe, piano, and xylophone.
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Musical Instruments

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