The Orchestra CD

Peter Ustinov & the Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra

"Music is everywhere!" Peter Ustinov’s dramatic reading, accompanied by the Toronto Philharmonia Orchestra, describes what makes sounds, notes, and melodies, as well as intensities and feelings in music.

Then each instrument is highlighted with a solo excerpt from a classical composition. An appealing introduction to classical music in general and the voices of the orchestral instruments.

CD has 11 selections with excerpts from more than 25 great classical compositions. Parents’ Choice Gold Seal Award Winner and an ALA Notable Recording. Ages 3 and up.

Tracks include: Music is Everywhere; Feelings; Anything You Can Imagine; The Composer; The String Family; The Woodwind Family; The Brass Family; The Percussion Family; Special Instruments; The Conductor; Finale
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M50CD The Orchestra CD
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The Orchestra CD

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