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Mighty Mind

Award-winning pattern and design set

A favorite for years, this absorbing activity stimulates children to find and match shapes and then discover the way shapes go together to make designs and pictures.

Encourages counting, sorting, and manual dexterity skills. Includes 32 plastic, colored design tiles (½" - 1") in six geometric shapes and a set of increasingly challenging two-sided pattern cards (7¾" x 5").

Mighty Mind originated way back in 1978 based upon B.F. Skinner’s (the Harvard behaviorist) development of linear programming and is a unique scientifically developed program.

According to the manufacturer, after completing the 30 connected steps, a child will develop enough critical analytical thinking skills to be able to solve a 64-piece jigsaw puzzle. Parents’ Choice Gold Award. Ages 3 - 8.

Need more pieces? 32 Replacement Tiles (Y309), suitable for Mighty Mind and/or Super Mind, are also available.

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Y306 Mighty Mind
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Mighty Mind

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