Geometry Cards

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Radius, hypotenuse, acute, zigzag, parallelogram—so many new words! Finish the Circle and Triangle cards by highlighting the named parts. The other sets need no finishing. Use two sets to make matching cards—cut the label off one set for three-part cards. Use a third set of cards to make a definition booklet. Each card with label attached is 4¼" x 5½"; cardstock.
  • Parts of the Circle includes 11 cards
  • Parts of the Triangle has 11 cards
  • Different Kinds of Angles includes 12 cards
  • Different Kinds of Lines has 11 cards
  • Different Kinds of Quadrilaterals includes 8 cards
  • Save when you order all five geometry sets: circle, triangle, angles, lines, quadrilaterals (RC36)

Fits inside our clear plastic Box (B107, rounded corners with unhinged, removable lid).
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RC36 Geometry Cards- Set of All 5
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Geometry Cards

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