Counting & Math Books

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  1. Can You Count to a Googol?

    Can You Count to a Googol? - A mathematical tale from Robert E. Wells

    In this fun book of numbers, the wonderful function of zeros comes alive. Just put a zero after a number and it becomes 10 times bigger! Learn the names of huge numbers and what people use them for. Paperback, 30 pages. Learn More
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  2. How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Tall is 1000?

    How Much, How Many, How Far, How Heavy, How Tall is 1000? - Read-aloud math concepts book

    Soon your children will be thinking about all kinds of things in sets of 1000! The relativity of numbers and practical nature of math are illustrated by fun cartoons and witty comparisons children will enjoy. Learn More
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  3. Great Estimations

    Great Estimations

    We love books that make you think “ and this one surely does! Colorful photographs of everything from pennies to penguins help train the eye to make good estimates. Children (and adults) will learn what groups of 10 and 100 look like and will master tricks on how to estimate. Learn More

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