Magnetic Mosaics Kids

Open-ended magnetic mosaic design activity

Children will love watching a picture emerge one tile at a time. This open-ended set of foam-topped magnets offers an updated version of a very old art form. Mosaic-making dates back to 400 BCE in ancient Greece!

The design board can rest in the handy easel stand (horizontal or vertical) or on a lap. Children can create their own images on the 16½" x 11¾" board (or the refrigerator) or use the “paint-by-number” templates.

Magnetic Mosaics® Kids™ includes 600 foam-topped magnets (½" square) in 12 vivid colors, with 20 reusable plastic design templates and a sturdy cardboard storage box. Ages 4 - 8.
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A409 Magnetic Mosaics Kids NOT AVAILABLE
Made in CHINA
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Magnetic Mosaics Kids

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