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  1. Extended Line Chalkboard

    Extended Line Chalkboard - From LORD Company

    Offer the Extended Line board (with solid and dashed lines) to help children learn ascender and descender positions; 14" x 12". This sturdy, long-lasting chalkboard has an excellent writing surface which won’t become glossy. Learn More
    No Longer Available
  2. Make a Story Bulk Pack

    Make a Story Bulk Pack - Set of 10 Writing Journals

    Includes 10 journals. 26 pages of 6¾" x 9" journal paper, each with a 6¾" x 5" art area and three writing lines for the story, plus title, dedication, “About the Author,” and “About My Story”. Learn More
    Order Now! Due in Stock 10/3/2015
  3. Easy Learner Pencils

    Easy Learner Pencils - Triangular-shaped pencils by the dozen

    These graphite pencils have the same rounded-triangular design as the Ferby (A28) and are ideal for beginners. Learn More
    In Stock
  4. My Little Book of Chinese Words

    My Little Book of Chinese Words - 100 Chinese words

    A rich resource for art, language, and cultural activities! 100 words with illustrations, ancient and modern Chinese characters, Chinese pronunciation, and English word, organized in groups of related words. Paperback, 208 pages. Learn More
    In Stock

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