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Preparation for Reading & Writing

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  1. Early Story Starters In a Jar

    Early Story Starters In a Jar - Promps for play & discovery from Free Spirit Publishing

    “I know of a secret door that leads to…” “If I were a bird, I would…” These are two examples of the 101 cards in this set designed to start children on the path to story telling and creative writing. Learn More
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  2. Weather

    Weather - Three-Part Vocabulary / Reading Cards from Maitri Learning

    From fog to waterspout, children will learn vocabulary for twelve different atmospheric weather phenomena.Rounded corners prevent damage. Printed on recycled paper. 12 subjects, 36 cards total. Learn More
  3. Transportation

    Transportation - Pocket Flash Cards

    Use this set to introduce different modes of transportation and build vocabulary, then use for sorting, as a quiz game, and also as an "I Spy" game. 27 vehicle cards, 27 close-up cards, and two activity cards (3⅛" x 5¼"). Learn More
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  4. Community Helpers

    Community Helpers - Pocket Flash Cards

    Half of these cards show easily recognizable community workers, the other half show the tools they use. Set includes 27 workers cards, 27 “tools” cards, and two activity cards (3⅛" x 5¼"). Learn More

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  5. Transparent Color Paddles

    Transparent Color Paddles - 18 plastic paddles from Learning Resources

    Children will enjoy exploring the exciting world of color mixing with these color paddles. Includes learning guide with suggested activities and 18 separate, sturdy plastic paddles (3 each of six colors); 2¾" x 6" long. Learn More
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  6. Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons

    Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons - Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year

    This collection is organized by the calendar year, melding beautifully with annual natural and cultural cycles. Includes poems and lyrics from 75+ poets and songwriters. Hardcover, 192 pages. Learn More
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  7. What Do You Do With It?

    What Do You Do With It? - 52 ConversaCards

    A flashlight, crayons, an ice cream scoop... photos of everyday items invite children to recognize and name them. Set has 52 photo cards and 2 resource cards on coated cardstock with rounded corners. 3¼" x 5½". Learn More
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  8. What Happened?

    What Happened? - 52 ConversaCards

    Children will love talking about the situations on these cards. There are no right or wrong answers, just an invitation to talk, tell stories, and perhaps start a creative writing project. 52 photo cards and 2 resource cards. 3¼" x 5½". Learn More
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  9. Three-Part Card Pockets

    Three-Part Card Pockets - From Handmade Montessori

    These beautiful fabric pockets were designed to hold Montessori three-part cards. They’re hand sewn and lined. Each has three sections and fold for compact storage and fasten with a plastic snap. Available in 5 colors. Learn More
  10. First Picture Dictionary

    First Picture Dictionary - From Scholastic

    Perfect for children beginning to recognize and eager to name the things around them. Easy-to-read type, realistic drawings, organized by theme (the house, nature, the city). 700 words; index. Hardcover, 93 pages. Learn More
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  11. Opposites

    Opposites - Hands-on photo language learning activity cards

    First, introduce the idea of opposites with pairs of real objects from around the classroom. Later, present a few pairs of opposite cards at a time and talk about them with your children. 40 cards (20 pairs of opposites) with activity guide in a reusable, hinged plastic box. Learn More
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  12. Nouns Cards (Around the Home)

    Nouns Cards (Around the Home) - Photo langugage cards from Lauri

    Photos of objects that young children will most likely recognize make this set a good tool for building vocabulary, and for matching, sorting, and classifying activities. 40 cards organized by category . Learn More
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  13. Go-Togethers Cards

    Go-Togethers Cards - Hands-on photo language learning activity cards

    Matching activities with these cards can help children become aware of the relationships between things. Twenty pairs of objects associated with each other are clearly photographed and presented. 40 cards in a reusable storage box. Learn More
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  14. Categories

    Categories - Hands-on photo language learning activity cards

    What do an apple, an orange, and a pear have in common? They are all fruit. ; This set of photo cards is a good introduction to classification, as well as a great vocabulary-building tool. Includes 3 cards each in 13 categories, activity guide, and plastic storage box. Learn More
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  15. Lots of Feelings

    Lots of Feelings

    Children want to talk about emotions! Engaging photos show children’s faces expressing all kinds of feelings. A strong visual introduction to reading facial expressions and recognizing the feelings of others. Paperback, 23 pages. Learn More
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  16. Around The House

    Around The House - Three-Part Vocabulary / Reading Cards from Maitri Learning

    This versatile packet of three-part cards will engage children with captivating photos of objects around the house that they may encounter every day. Printed on recycled paper. 12 subjects, 36 cards total in each set. Control card with label measures 3½" x 4¼". Learn More

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