Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 1

Set of 8 mostly phonetic books

You can tell these charming little books were written by a Montessori teacher. Short, mostly phonetic sentences provide plenty of opportunities for sounding out words—and the joy of reading a real story! Simple, clever illustrations plus small adventures, a bit of humor, and mild suspense throughout will delight young readers.

Most words are phonetic; includes some consonant blends and some sight words. “Sam has a jet. It is a paper jet. The jet lifts off. The jet dips.” Printed with soy ink. 8 paperback titles, 8 pages each. Titles listed below.
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L600 Miss Rhonda's Readers - Set I
Made in USA
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Miss Rhonda’s Readers Set 1

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The Pond, Jen’s Hamster, Robins, Pink Pig, Run Crab, Dog Day, Sniff! Sniff!, Sam’s Jet