Junior Ramp Racer

Racetrack ramp & 4 cars from Maxim Enterprises

Clackety-clackety-clackety… hypnotic flip-flopping racers appeal to ears, hands, and eyes. All wood, with a ramp frame and four well-made race cars safe for young children. They’ll send these racers zipping and flipping down the ramps over and over again!

This toddler-friendly, eco-friendly toy is finished with watercolor-based paints, and for every tree used, the manufacturer plants three more. 11" x 9½" ramp frame and 4 cars, 1¾" long. Ages 18 months - 4 years.

Please note: This set is also available in a Deluxe Set (V96) with 8 cars. A set of four Replacement cars (V97) is also available.
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V95 Junior Ramp Racer - 4 Cars
Made in CHINA
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Junior Ramp Racer

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