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If the World Were a Village ~ Second Edition

A Book about the World's People

How do you help children understand who are the more than six billion people on Earth? You simply imagine that the whole world consists of only one hundred people (one person represents 69 million people).

You’ll find that in this village:
-21 people speak a Chinese dialect
-10 earn less than a dollar a day
-14 cannot read or write
-47 do not have enough to eat
-19 are under the age of ten
-one is a teacher

This exciting and educational tour through the imagined global village illuminates our world and brings us a little closer to what the author calls “world-mindedness.” A teacher’s guide and a list of sources and calculations are included. Hardcover, 32 pages. Smithsonian’s Notable Books for Children.

Sections include: Welcome to the global village, Nationalities, Languages, Ages, Religions, Food, Air and water, Schooling and literacy, Money and possessions, Electricity, The village in the past, The village in the future, Teaching children about the global village.

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If the World Were a Village ~ Second Edition

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