Glow in The Dark Constellations

A Field Guide for Young Stargazers

Remember how intriguing the night sky was when you were young and so seldom got a good look before bedtime? This book provides answers to the curiosities that lay before our eyes.

Includes dazzling illustrations of major constellations visible in each season of the year, step-by-step directions for finding more than 30 stars and star groups, brief retellings of the legends behind the names of the constellations, and eight simple sky maps.

The glow-in-the-dark ink is non-toxic and glows after being exposed to light. This book is an invaluable resource and a lot of fun as well! Paperback, 32 pages. Subjects listed below.
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C314 Glow in the Dark Constellations
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Glow in The Dark Constellations

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30 stars or constellations: Aldebaran; Alpheratz; Andromeda; Antares; Arcturus; Betelgeuse; Big Dipper; Cygnus; Deneb; Denebola; Great Galaxy in Andromeda; Great Square; Leo; Little Dipper; Northern Cross; Orion; Orion’s Belt; Pegasus; Pleiades; Polaris; Regulus; Rigel; Sadr; Scorpius; Sickle; Sirius; Spica; Taurus; Ursa Major; Ursa Minor; Vega; Virgo; Triangle.