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  1. Day and Night

    Day and Night - Discovering Nature's Cycles

    The differences between the daytime sky and the sky at night are a source of wonder for young children. This is a satisfying explanation of the changes children see from day to day and a great introduction to Earth’s rotation. Paperback, 24 pages. Learn More
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  2. The Night Sky

    The Night Sky - Discovering Nature's Cycles

    Moon phases are clearly explained to beginning readers with glorious photos of the moon in the night sky and simple text for early readers. A satisfying way for children to explore the changes they see from week to week. Learn More
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  3. Zoo In The Sky

    Zoo In The Sky - A Book of Animal Constellations from National Geographic

    Shiny foil stars emerge from lush paintings to reveal 16 animal constellations. Read their entrancing stories aloud to younger children and inspire readers to consult fascinating and informative further resources. Learn More
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  4. What's So Special About Planet Earth?

    What's So Special About Planet Earth? - By Robert E. Wells

    Planet Earth is a pretty good place to live, and this book illustrates why. Join its planet-by-planet tour of the solar system to places that are too hot, too cold, and too stormy to support human life. 32 pages. Learn More
  5. Animals in the Stars

    Animals in the Stars - Constellation lacing cards from Chronicle Books

    Learn to recognize ten constellations by lacing a pattern of stars on these durable cards. Then, turn out the lights to reveal the glow-in-the-dark animals formed by the stars. Includes 10 laces (31") and cardboard cards (6½" x 5¼"). Learn More
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